Samantha Humphries

Art Director

Web Design Whisperer

Sam’s favorite thing is hanging out with her two adorable, bug-eyed Boston Terriers, rescue dogs named Poe and Ziggy. She’s the dog mom who’ll dress her dogs up in funny outfits for forced photoshoots — but that’s only because they’re so cute that she has to share them with the world. Sam’s a serious design guru; the designs she creates for our clients are always crowd pleasers, and their functionality can’t be beat. Sam loves design so much that it’s her hobby as well as her job; even on the weekends, you can find her working in the screenprinting shop, Humphries Screen Printing, that she owns with her wife, Laurin.

Foodie Favorites

  • Thai food from Surin
  • Paella from Rojo
  • Diet Coke
  • two wooden lounge chairs in the sand on the beach
  • little dog looks at a ripped red ball
  • huge tree covered in green moss
  • little black and white dog wears a darth vader costume
  • white mug with "Oh Crop" web design pun etched on the side
  • two smiling women in Birmingham, Alabama
  • little black and white dog asleep on a door mat that says "Home Sweet Home"
  • woman's feet wearing bear slippers on a hardwood floor
  • black and white photo of sloss furnace in birmingham, alabama