Director of Account Development

Mrs. Go-Getter

Always ready to jump headfirst into a project, or conceptualize it from the very start, Pam shines in her position as Director of Account Development. She handles recurring clients with finesse by working closely with them to strategize their marketing, digital media and website goals. When she’s not saving the world website at a time, she’s probably reading, camping with her husband, hanging out with her daughter or enjoying one of her guilty pleasures (ice, Chinese food and lemon bars).

Favorite Things

  • Black Cats (she has three)
  • Bluegrass Music
  • Jane Eyre
  • woman and child feed a giraffe at a Zoo
  • close up of a black cat with yellow eyes
  • small boy stares down an animatronic T-rex at Nashville Zoo
  • woman stands in awe in front of stained glass
  • woman lounges in hammock with her laptop outside of the Infomedia offices
  • two black and white photos of a black cat