Director of Account Development

We Don’t Know How She Does It

If Infomedia is a circus (and it can be, sometimes), Pam is our ringmaster: She runs the show, keeping us on-track when we clown around, calming the roar of incoming projects and effortlessly walking the tightrope of tricky technical details. Pam handles everything from client trainings to website trouble-shooting to scheduling, and it’s clear she has a passion for what she does, for her clients, and for each and every team member here at Infomedia. When she’s not saving the world website at a time, she’s probably reading, camping with her husband, or enjoying one of her guilty pleasures (ice, Chinese food and lemon bars).

Favorite Things

  • Black Cats (she has three)
  • Bluegrass Music
  • Jane Eyre
  • woman and child feed a giraffe at a Zoo
  • close up of a black cat with yellow eyes
  • small boy stares down an animatronic T-rex at Nashville Zoo
  • woman stands in awe in front of stained glass
  • woman lounges in hammock with her laptop outside of the Infomedia offices
  • two black and white photos of a black cat