Account Coordinator

First Line of Defense

Michele’s a client services guru, calming clients with her ability to understand customer needs. Knowledge and experience are her greatest weapons, and it doesn’t hurt that she has real experience to back it up, coming to Infomedia after seven years in customer support and training at a software company. She loves her work, and her work loves her back — she met her husband, Daniel, when they worked together in support at her last job, where they fell in love while working side-by-side before marrying. Now they enjoy family dinners and football with their boys and two male dogs. As Michele says, “I’m the only female in our house!”

Favorite Things

  • Pizza
  • Football
  • Ketchup on Everything
  • father and son take a joy ride on a tracker
  • a bee lands on a large sunflower
  • two Infomedians joke around with a cut-out of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory
  • two football teams collide during a football game
  • family of three pose happily for a family picture
  • small child plays with a dog