Junior Developer

Michael is a jack of all trades, and he recently learned web development as one of those trades at Innovate Birmingham’s Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp, and as an intern at Infomedia — so we’re happy he joined our team as a Junior Developer. Michael has done it all — he’s previously worked as a dishwasher at a pie shop, an improv teacher for high school kids, a barista, a voice-over and commercial actor and many things in between… He’s even shoveled cow manure for work at one point, and he was a telemarketer for a brief, embarrassing time. Needless to say, we’re glad he’s honing in on his skills at Infomedia. Outside of work, Michael spends lots of time with his girlfriend, Erin, and their four rabbits, Agnes, Felix, Beatrice and Valentino.

Free Time Activities

  • Aimlessly browsing Zillow
  • So-bad-they're-good horror movies
  • Playing guitar