Mateo Zarate

Video Production Editor

Lights, Camera, Action!

When he’s not busy getting staff members ready for our close ups, Mateo spends his free time enjoying the great outdoors, dancing to salsa music and blending up batches of strawberry banana smoothies. He previously attended Nucine Cinematography School in Spain before arriving at Infomedia as our video producer and editor. Whether he’s filming tech tutorials, making client commercials or just filming his sassy cat Luca, you’ll always find Mateo with a camera in-hand.

favorite things

  • Music
  • Black Pearl
  • Art
  • man wears red hat while leaning on a car
  • a couple cuddles on a grassy lawn on a sunny day
  • Infomedian holds a camera outside of an old house
  • man's white sneakers on a sidewalk
  • man takes a photo of a car mirror from inside the car
  • beautiful woman stares into distance on a porch at sunset