Josh Brown

Head of Website Support

Dwight 2.0

The Office aficionado of Infomedia, Josh is a key player in our Support team. His background as a youth pastor and sales associate shows his passion for working with people, while his B.F.A in graphic design from University of West Florida gives him an upper hand with web work. Josh enjoys spending his free time sipping strong black coffee, stargazing and lounging in the Taco Bell drive-thru.

Loves Watching

  • The Office
  • Star Wars
  • Parks and Recreation
  • a man and a woman hugging on a balcony
  • quaint village with mountains in the distance
  • group of students on a mission trip
  • pencil sketch of dog
  • family poses together on sunny day
  • couple poses outside in birmingham, alabama
  • four people pose on a cliffside in front of a cross
  • man in sweater sips a cappuccino
  • Home logo graphic of a mobile home driving in through the woods