Janna Stevens

Content Strategy Lead

Kettlebell Queen

With her passion for words and knack for working with people, Janna shines in the role of Content Strategist. Her background includes a bachelor’s in English and master’s in writing studies from University of Alabama Birmingham. Janna’s previous experience covers several facets of marketing, including positions as a manager and engagement coordinator. Her other passions are traveling (she already has visits to 31 states under her belt), listening to Led Zeppelin and working out. When she’s not pumping iron, Janna enjoys unwinding by watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, diving into a good book or playing with her beagle, Oscar, and cat, Rupert Giles.

Daydreams About

  • Being a sea lion trainer
  • Potential Harry Potter sequels
  • Adopting more animals
  • woman stands on cliff overlooking grand canyon
  • four smiling ladies dressed in black
  • woman poses in front of the James Joyce Centre sign in Ireland
  • woman exercises in a crossfit gym in birmingham, alabama
  • cute beagle with green bandana
  • woman stands on cliffside at the cliffs of dover in ireland
  • black cat sitting on a rock
  • woman standing in front of a large waterfall
  • a black cat and beagle in the bathtub