Senior Marketing Consultant

When others may rattle off terms like SEO, Analytics Reports and Local Search Optimization, Jamie makes sense of the buzzwords, giving context to the terminology and showing real results from digital tools. He’s a wiz with Google Analytics, and he loves finding ways small businesses can use online marketing to increase sales and web traffic. Creating popular posts may be part of Jamie’s job, but he’s proud to think out of the box, too. A few of his favorite things? “Music that nobody’s heard of, movies that don’t have any action or super heroes, and food that makes you close your eyes when you take a bite.” When he’s not online, you can find Jamie with his wife, Jessica, three kids and a Yorkie named Fossie.

Favorite Things

  • Little Donkey
  • La Croix and Coffee
  • Saw's BBQ
  • man poses in coconut bra
  • it's nice to have you in birmingham sign johns diner
  • dad and three boys
  • happy husband and wife
  • man and son pose with kayak
  • dad has arm around son
  • man watches birmingham concern with son
  • baseball diamond
  • man in alabama football shirt drinks red bull