David Smith


The Token Bard

David’s background might be in music, but that didn’t stop his passion for tech leading him to a Developer position at Infomedia. He has a B.A. in Music Technology and is the lead singer of the Birmingham-based band Yukon Moon. David spends his weekdays creating code while listening to the latest best-seller on Audible and his weekends rock climbing, hanging out with his fiancé, Madison, and playing World of Warcraft.

favorite foods

  • Chipotle
  • Extra Toasty Cheez-Its
  • Seoul Korea
  • man plays an electric guitar onstage
  • smiling couple hugs each other on a porch
  • man climbs a rock in the woods
  • a couple with glasses makes funny faces inside a car
  • man goes rockclimbing in Alabama
  • woman makes a funny face while rock climbing