Senior Developer

Support Wizard

Daniel is a man of many aliases. In high school, his nickname was Google because of his knack for remembering every little detail (that’s a talent that comes in handy around the office as well). We call him Sprout, because he’s worked here at Infomedia since he was an intern — and now we’re proud to call him a full-fledged programmer as well. Daniel thrives on his work as a web developer because he loves solving any puzzle, whether it’s Sudoku, a Rubik’s cube or a website. No matter which title he’s going by, it’s fair to call Daniel an excellent worker and a valuable asset to your team.

Favorite Things

  • Owl City
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Rainbow Tunnel in Birmingham, Alabama
  • couple stands in front of a colorful mural
  • large spiderweb on a tree
  • grape tomatoes grow from a vine
  • man stands in front of Rogers Hall
  • man holds a nice camera
  • man holds an empty wasp's nest
  • black and white cat relaxes under a baby mobile
  • man lounges in a hammock in his backyard