Senior Developer

King of the Nerds

Casey’s passionate about good code, good business strategy and working with people he respects — that’s why we’re honored he’s joined our team here at Infomedia. He’s always looking for efficient solutions, for new ways to solve old problems, and for ways to push the limits of technology. Although his development skills are incredible (Casey codes some of our most complex websites), he also dabbles in photography, videography and anything else that lets him be creative and adventurous. When he’s not cooped up in the office, you’ll find Casey kayaking, hiking, or spending time with his wife and kids.

Birmingham Favorites

  • Oak Mountain State Park
  • The Taco Truck (Los Hermanos)
  • Octane
  • man relaxes in a hammock while coding
  • close up of Stumptown Cold Brew coffee
  • yummy tacos for lunch
  • canoe paddle makes ripples in the lake
  • man watches sunset at the beach
  • nice camera on a desk
  • close up of a vibrant green leaf
  • Black Jeep logo on a white Jeep
  • sun peaking through beautiful clouds