Head of Development

What Can’t This Guy Do?

Brad’s never shy about giving a frank assessment of a difficult project — but he’ll also be the first to step up to the plate and find a way around the challenges. He develops stellar looking websites by facing problems head-on, giving constructive feedback and keeping team morale high. Brad may be our resident grump, but he’s also eager to lend a hand in a crisis, and he’s calm even in the face of meltdowns. Want to soften him up? Buy him lunch from Taco Truck (Taqueria Guzman), or ask him about life at home with his wife, Kate, sons, Amon and Thurston, and their menagerie of dogs & cats: Maple, Meera, Bernard, Ruth, and Cody.

Unique Traits

  • Master Synth Analyst
  • Word Maker Upper
  • Always Grim
  • adorable little boy with blonde curls playing drums
  • upset hipster poses at stonehenge
  • cute baby in a black onesie lies in his crib
  • drums and a cymbal
  • open road in the desert
  • happy family hiking
  • plugs plugged in sound system
  • adorable child plays piano on couch
  • brightly colored sound board at a concert