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    Find out What's Working

    Let’s face it — sometimes it’s hard to know if your website is working as it should. Are customers really connecting with the information on your site? Are potential leads finding your site and staying long enough to get to know your business and buy into your services? Are any pages in particular bringing people in or turning them away?

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    At Infomedia, our commitment to provable and measurable results means that the answers to these questions are important to us — and we’re proud to say we can help you evaluate whether or not your site is working for you. Wondering if you’re getting the most out of your website? We do no-charge Site Auditing to let you know about problems on your current site, and we also access the potential you have for greater sales and growth. How do we find out whether your site it working for you? Our favorite tools are the Site Audit, where we take a look at everything from images to links to code to copy to see what’s working and what isn’t, and Analytics & Reporting, where we gather data to show you how customers and potential customers are actually using your website, revealing what’s working for them and what isn’t.

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    Need a New Website?

    The right website can be a powerful business asset. It can generate leads, increase sales and drive business. It should be a customer resource center, a selling tool for your sales staff, and a strong representation of your business; a great website can show phenomenal ROI and a provable uptick in customer engagement. You should be proud of your website, and you should be secure in the fact that it’s growing your business. That’s exactly the kind of website we build at Infomedia.

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    How do we do it? We bring together an experienced, professional team to partner with you and discover exactly what’s right for your particular business — that’s different for everyone and every business, so we approach each project as unique, finding solutions that are right for you. Here are the skills and services we bring to the table:

    Your Website Should Look Great and Function Perfectly

    Custom Web Design and Custom Web Development work together: Custom design means the site looks great on any device, and we employ a robust site research and planning phase to get this right. Custom development is the coding that makes your site function perfectly and without glitches so customers can navigate the website easily. All of our sites are designed using Responsive Web Design, which means that they’ll look great on any device — laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone — or we can include Mobile Site Development or Custom App Development if that’s what your company needs. We also provide Social Media Integration so all your social sites — like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat — have a presence on your website.

    Need a New Logo, Pictures or Text? We Can Help

    If you already have the images and words that you want on your website, great — but if you don’t, our experts can get everything you need. Our services include Logo Development, Video Production, Photography and Copywriting for your website or blog.

    Do You Use Your Website to Sell Products?

    If you sell through your website, our Infomedia ecommerce solutions will make those transactions secure and seamless. Our Custom Ecommerce Design and specialized Bride & Gift Registry make even complex registries easy to create and maintain, and our support staff can assist you in setting up sales, calculating shipping and making sure each and every transaction that’s processed through your site is secure.

    Need Customized Company Email Addresses and Calendars?

    We trust the Google Apps package for our business, and we think you’ll love the customization, functionality and ease-of-use for your company’s customized email addresses and calendars as well.

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    Want a New Look for Your Website?

    Whether your website needs a facelift or a complete overhaul in functionality, we can help. The first step is a Site Audit so we can help determine what your site will need. Depending on the results, we can help you with anything from a refresh with new images and copywriting to more substantial changes to your site’s coding.

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    Adding new images, up-to-date website text, a fresh logo or even video to your site may be all you need to get the new look your website needs. Our team includes experience writers who help with Copywriter Services, photographers who specialize in Video Production & Photography, and designers who can help with Logo Development.

    More in-depth changes include Responsive Web Design that makes your site look great on mobile, adding customized emails and calendars to your site with Google Apps, or streamlining your ecommerce options with our Custom Ecommerce Design solution or Bride & Gift Registry. We can also develop a custom Intranet for your company to keep your employees or customers connected and informed.

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    Find Help, Get Support & Keep up with Changes

    Internet best practices change frequently, and great websites keep up with those updates and changes, staying fresh and looking fantastic on all devices. But staying on top of updates, protecting your site against hackers and making sure your site is always performing its best can be overwhelming — that’s where the Infomedia support team comes in.

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    Service is the cornerstone of our business here at Infomedia, and our full-service web team is the core of what we do. Our online support team works on-site here in Birmingham, Alabama — we never outsource this all-important job. We work hard to protect your site and keep it looking good and functioning perfectly.

    The first piece of the puzzle is Website Support, which means we help with anything and everything that goes wrong with your website. Whatever your issue, big or small, support is just a phone call (or email or online chat) away. We handle updates, content entry and more through Website Maintenance, and our Backup & Disaster Recovery program means your data is safe and secure no matter what happens. The backbone of our site protection is our Website Hosting, a service that comes free with all of our packages and supports everything from WordPress and Craft to html, ASP, .net, PHP, Joomla, Expression Engine and more.

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    Get Your Website Noticed

    You want to increase leads, improve your Google ranking and get more customers to your website where they’ll fall in love with your services and products — but how do you make that happen? Lots of marketing experts will promise you the world without offering anything in return, but Infomedia is different.

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    We back up our website marketing with analytics and statistics to prove ROI. We know that each company needs a unique marketing strategy, and we don’t want to sell you things that don’t work for you — our goal is to provide concrete, provable solutions to your marketing problem. We want to help you increase page views, increase leads, and to make sure your website is making you money.

    How do we bring people to your website? Each online marketing solution is unique, but here are the tools we bring to the table:

    Step One: Optimize Your Site for Search

    You’ve probably heard a lot about SEO, keywords and local optimization — to us, these are more than buzzwords. They’re tools that help us reshape the content of your website so the text, headlines and even the images on your site are more attractive to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    If you think of your website in terms of a brick-and-mortar business, optimizing your site for search is a little bit like creating window displays, putting up sale posters that potential customers can see from the sidewalks, and making sure everything inside the shop is neat, tidy and easy for customers to browse and buy easily. Optimization is a basic step that can help draw customers to your website, and even if you get more aggressive with your online marketing strategy, you’ll want to optimize your site for search first.

    Optimization can include Keyword Research, which is making sure you’re choosing the very best words and phrases to communicate your product to Google, Search Engine Optimization, which is incorporating those keywords into the words on your website (and even some of the code) in a strategic way to get Google’s attention, and Local Search Optimization, which is targeting one geographic area where your search results will be particularly powerful.

    Step Two: Advertise Your Website to Bring in Customers and Create Leads

    There are lots of ways to advertise your website — almost every social media site and search engine you visit is eager to sell you advertising. But many of these ads become white noise that your customers don’t see, and it can be very frustrating to put money into advertising and not to see a return. At Infomedia, we put our expertise to work helping you choose the online advertising that best suits your business needs and is most likely to reach your customers. More than that, we also evaluate your advertising once it’s launched to see what changes we can make to make it perform even better.

    In terms of comparing a website to a brick-and-mortar store, online advertising is like buying ads on the radio or TV, or buying billboards — it gets your message out into the world beyond the immediate neighborhood of your shop. The best news is that advertising online is so much more effective than other ways of advertising because it’s immediate and it can be targeted to the exact niche of people most likely to buy your product or service.

    Online advertising is always growing and changing in exciting ways, but there are a few methods that are already tried-and-true. Ad Retargeting is the process of showing ads to online browsers based on things they’ve already bought, liked or clicked online so the ads feel very personal and tailored to them. Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC, is the process of showing potential customers targeted ads while they search on another website, and you only pay for ads that customers actually interact with. Social Media Marketing is the process of using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat to push out content for your blog or to promote your website; these forms of media are growing stronger all the time and can be quite powerful ways of connecting customers to your site. Email Marketing is a great way to connect with customers directly through their email inboxes.