Lunch & Learns 2019

Infomedia Lunch & Learns are free events designed to help our clients take their websites even further by sharing marketing strategies and tips. Lunch & Learns are held in downtown Birmingham at Innovation Depot, we always provide a free lunch for attendees, and networking opportunities are fantastic. Tickets are free, but registration fills up quickly, so signing up early is always a good idea! Please call us at 205-823-4440 or email if you have any questions. Miss a Lunch & Learn that you wanted to attend? We record webinars for many of our Lunch & Learn topics — click here to access our free webinars.

What to Expect at a Lunch & Learn

We learn, we eat lunch, we network, and we get the tips we need to further our careers and businesses — all while taking advantage of a natural break in our workday schedules. In the 2019 lineup, we have a photographer coming to teach about visuals, SEO professionals who’ll cover Google tips and retargeting, a copywriter who will talk about blogging and fantastic trainers to demystify Google Analytics.

  • Using LinkedIn: The No Nonsense, High Performance Social Platform

    July 18  |  Register Now

    One of the most underutilized social media platforms, LinkedIn can bolster to your business's reach. Find out how to connect with clients, appeal to potential employees and spread the word on your company.
    *This event is only available to attend via webinar.

  • Ad Retargeting: Your Secret Weapon to Effective and Easy Sales

    August 15  |  Register Now

    Convert on-the-fence customers into buyers with ad retargeting. Learn about the strategy behind retargeting and how it can keep your brand and business in front of potential customer to bolster profits.

  • Posting is Never Enough: For Strong Social Strategy, You Must Engage with Users

    September 19

    Simply posting consistently used to be enough to get social media traction, but that's not the case anymore. From interacting with clients to gathering customer reviews, we’ll show you how engagement is now a necessary part of social media.

  • Understanding Video: How to Imagine, Execute and Track Performance for Your Brand

    October 17

    Visuals can make or break your brand, with video being one of the most important. Learn from our panel of videographers and photographers who spend their days conceptualizing, creating and promoting great videos.

  • Analytics 101: Stop the Guesswork and Start Putting Data to Work for You

    November 21

    Keep track of the inner workings of your website through Google Analytics. Find out what drives customers to your website, which pages they're engaging with, what makes them leave and more.
    *This event is only available to attend via webinar.