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  • Social Media Strategy: Don't Work Harder, Work Smarter

    May 18 | Register Now

    Using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is almost an essential for doing business in 2017. But coming up with content for your social media feeds that’s consistent with your brand and your business can be difficult. Where do you begin, and how do you make social media work for you?

  • Analytics 101: Reading and Using Your Results

    June 15

    Website performance doesn’t have to be a guessing game — Analytics can give you numbers that show your site’s performance and give you information about exactly how each page is performing, where your traffic is coming from and which pages visitors like and dislike. Once you understand Analytics, you have important keys to the success of your website.

  • Get Found & Get Noticed: Make the Most of SEO and Local Search

    July 20

    So you have a website that you love — now what? When you’re proud of your website, you want it to get noticed; and you know you’ll get more business if you can get more traffic to your site. How do you make it happen?

  • Analytics 102: Making Your Analytics Work for You

    August 17

    Analytics are essential for understanding how your site is performing with customers and with Google. Do you have a handle on the basics, but want to take your Analytics game to the next level? You can use Analytics to hone your website strategy and increase traffic exponentially — but to do it, you’ll have to dig into your Analytics results.

  • Putting Words to Work: Write Your Own Website Copy

    September 21

    A website without words is missing a key element — it’s unlikely to be indexed favorably by Google, and it probably isn’t communicating to customers and clients. Words are an important part of website building, but it’s tempting to focus on images and development and leave text as an afterthought.

  • Video for Beginners: Basics of Making and Posting Video

    October 19

    More and more platforms are adding video functionality — Facebook has added Facebook Live and Instagram has introduced Instagram Stories, among others — but we’ve known for a long time that video can have a powerful impact for your website and social media channels. So how do you create and incorporate video into your website and digital marketing plan?