Happy Links: A Business Founded in Friendship

Show Notes

Content Creation Challenges

  • Difficulties in capturing videos and photos simultaneously in the welding business
  • Excitement about a salon suite that offers better content creation opportunities

Booking & Events

  • Upcoming booking availability for their brick-and-mortar location via social media
  • Process for booking private parties through their website form or direct message
  • Requirements for private parties, including a minimum of five guests

Work-Life Balance

  • Struggles with disconnecting from work during vacations
  • Initial fears and challenges during their first events with family and friends
  • Difficulties in taking time off, especially during busy market seasons
  • Emotional and physical exhaustion from long and frequent event hours

Event Challenges

  • Impact of venue flooding on an event, causing disruption and merchandise damage
  • Importance of building rapport and personal connections with customers during events

Permanent Jewelry Business

  • Founding story and initial investment, ranging from $5,000 to $15,000
  • Challenges in finding the right chain and reliable suppliers
  • Importance of attending permanent jewelry expos and learning through experience
  • Description of the micro-welding process for creating permanent jewelry

Business Development & Expansion

  • From starting with private parties to branching out into markets and pop-up events
  • Challenges of applying for events, searching and hoping for acceptance
  • Plans to open a permanent location in a salon suite next to Hi-Wire Brewing
  • Grand opening scheduled for July 13

Work Schedules & Service Offerings

  • Managing rotating hours based on their full-time job schedules
  • Store hours planned for Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 8, and potentially weekdays from 5 to 8
  • Introduction of ear piercing services alongside permanent jewelry

Personal & Professional Balance

  • Discussing their eight-year friendship and living together
  • Struggles of balancing business and personal life, often feeling stressed
  • Importance of setting boundaries and having fun outside of work topics

Customer Experience Focus

  • Desire to offer an experience beyond selling products
  • Sharing customer stories, like birthstone charms and marking significant life moments
  • Aim to create a more luxurious experience in the salon suite with one-on-one interactions

Social Media & Marketing

  • Approach to social media content creation
  • Experiences and process of organizing their first photo shoot
  • Selecting models and working with a photographer and content creator

Find full show notes, including links mentioned in the episode, at carrierollwagen.com.

Carrie Rollwagen

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