Finding Additional Revenue for Your Small Business

Show Notes

Examples of Additional Revenue Streams

  • Strategies used at Jonathan Benton, Bookseller
    • Design Your Own T-shirt bar
    • Hosting bands for events
  • Little Professor Bookshop’s additional revenue strategies
  • Carrie’s personal experience at Church Street Coffee & Books
    • Book recommendation nights with ticket sales

Tips for Identifying Revenue Streams

  • Tip 1: Ask coworkers, friends and staff for ideas
    • Personal example with website content input from staff
  • Tip 2: List unrelated talents to find crossovers
    • Personal example involving Kickstarter campaign and knitted cozies

Taking Inspiration from Others

  • Examples of digital products
    • PDF guides
    • Digital workbooks
  • Providing services or rental options
    • Renting out spaces (e.g., podcast room, Ladybird Taco’s after-hours space)
  • Selling templates
    • Google Docs, spreadsheets, Canva templates

Practical Advice for Implementation

  • Start with a minimum viable product
    • Example: Start with a PDF before creating a full course

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Carrie Rollwagen

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