Building a Creative Resource with Morgan Jones Johnston

Show Notes

Intuitive Approach to Creativity

  • Morgan Jones Johnston’s plans for a volume two
  • Morgan’s reliance on strong intuition
  • Understanding audience response without data
  • Avoiding limits on creativity

Business and Self-Promotion

  • Continuous sharing and self-promotion
  • The structure and approach to content creation are based on personal areas of genius
  • Logistics of selling a digital workbook
  • Sustainability and reliance on physical presence

“Create Anyway: The Average Person’s Guide to Igniting Your Creative Spark”

  • Inspiration from people’s longing for fulfillment
  • Creativity’s value beyond traditional art
  • Creativity as a tool for introspection
  • Differences from typical influencer offerings

Unique Artistic Endeavors

  • Traveling portrait experience during the pandemic
  • Commissioned project for hotels and individuals
  • Significant experience with a famous music supervisor

The Impact of Technology and the Pandemic

  • Changes in human connection and experience
  • Technology’s dual-edged impact: AI development and human connection
  • Concerns about AI devaluing artists and intellectual property
  • AI’s effects on writing and music
  • Pressure to produce content and the role of AI in this dynamic

Community and Customer Engagement

  • Importance of valuing time and building trust
  • Considering work’s contribution to the world
  • Personal and physical interactions with customers
  • Community support and mutual aid messaging for brands

Digital vs. Physical Offerings

  • Preference for digital products
  • Use of Shopify for business
  • Exploring print-on-demand and self-publishing
  • Sales goals and community engagement

Workbook Promotion and Community Engagement

  • Special editions for groups or schools
  • Promoting through website and Instagram
  • Energetic community engagement through workbook and social media

Addressing Online Negativity and Mindset

  • Avoiding the impact of online negativity
  • Promoting constructive behavior and creativity for processing emotions
  • Using sketchbooks, journals and prompts for artistic exploration

Personal Growth and Professional Practices

  • Understanding the unsustainable model reliant on personal presence
  • Offering content with high passive value
  • Catering to different demographics through varied product offerings
  • Leveraging skills in photography and writing using tools like Canva
  • Personal experiences with astrology, caregiving and grief influence the business approach

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Carrie Rollwagen

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