Design Evaluation

Thanks for your interest in Infomedia! Below is a design evaluation that will assess which position you’re best suited for with our company. Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to design a home page for a pretend company with the materials we’ve provided (logo, photography, text and color palette). Your assessment needs to be returned within 24 hours.

As much as possible, have fun — this assessment is just designed to familiarize you with typical workflow at Infomedia and to be sure you’re a good fit for our team, not to be intimidating. The evaluation includes a lot of work, so don’t worry if you’re not finished with your design; we’ll still consider applicants who don’t finish, so don’t let that stop you from turning in your progress.

When you’re finished, upload your completed assignment to this page. Your completed assessment MUST be uploaded to Infomedia within 24 hours of your original download in order to be considered, so be sure not to download the evaluation until you’re ready to begin. (If you experience a problem with your upload, you can email your test to

Thanks for your time, and good luck!

Your Assignment

Stuckey’s Bug Out is a pest control company in Birmingham, Alabama. They’ve just rebranded their company and updated their logo, and they want to redesign their website to match. We know their site will include the following pages: About, Bios, Contact and Blog.

We’d like you just take a stab at a new design for Stuckey’s Bug Out. We do not expect a final design — we just want an idea of how you’d start the project, so we’d like you to design a Home Page comp. You can design in whatever program you’d like and either include original files or screenshots of your design. (If you use Invision or a similar program and would rather include links, that’s fine — email them to within 24 hours of your original download.)

Stuckey’s Bug Out is not a real company, and this is not a real project; it’s just a way to get to get a general idea of how you work. We certainly do not expect our designers to produce Home Page designs in such a tight time limit. Please don’t feel like you need to have a polished design or that we’ll judge the quality of your work from this test — your portfolio is the representation of your work; this evaluation is just a way to get an idea of your workflow.

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