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How to Trim Time Wasting from Your Workday

Get more done, in less time, with our five easy solutions.

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In the age of the internet, slacking off is easier than ever. Just one click over on your browser tabs and you’ve headed down the rabbit hole of watching YouTube or catching up on personal emails. Because of this, the average employee wastes a whopping eight hours per work week on activities that don’t relate to their job duties. The top distractions are surfing the web, chatting with coworkers, simply spacing out and applying for other jobs.

Since the temptation to stray from work can sometimes be hard to resist, we’ve gathered up this list of five easy ways to cut yourself off from time wasting. From helpful apps to real-life solutions, this list covers what you need to keep focused and be productive.

Start blocking websites that are guilty pleasures

Do you love reading CNN? Playing on Facebook? Browsing Reddit for hours a day? If you find yourself getting lost surfing the web, limit access to these sites during your work day. We recommend the Google Chrome extension StayFocused. This application allows you to list the sites you want to limit your time in and then set the time limit. Once you go to those sites, StayFocused starts the timer. Once you have hit your time limit for the day, those sites are blocked until the next day.

Clean your desk

Too much clutter on your desk is distracting. Limit the amount of things that are within arm’s reach and keep your work station clear and clean. Place items that are not necessary out of your line of vision so that you aren’t tempted to be distracted by them. We do recommend keeping snacks, water and headphones handy so that you be fueled, hydrated and can block out office noise while you are working.

Plan your day

Make a list of your priorities and work off that list. A task list is a road map for your day and can keep you focused and working on the right things. If you are working, but you are working on the wrong things, then you are not being productive. To keep a running to-do list, we recommend using tools like Google Keep or Todoist.

Silence the notifications

Notifications can be great, but they can also quickly get out of control. Turn off notifications for anything that is not essential. This includes game notifications on your phone, sound alerts for new emails, social media notifications and more. Notifications by definition are meant to interrupt you and pull your focus. Release yourself from them and you (and your boss) will thank us later.

Organize your email

Do you dread opening your email? If the daily piles of digital information in your inbox make you crazy, do yourself a favor and get some help. Apps like Google Inbox (for Gmail users) and Organizer can help you group your emails and filter out non-essential clutter. Not interested in downloading an app? Spend the time to set up your own custom filters and rules for handling mail and let your email do the sorting.
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