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Seven WordPress Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Had

If you’ve ever daydreamed about leaping tall buildings in a single bound or flying an invisible plane and resolving problems with a lasso of truth — well, so have we. Who hasn’t wanted to save the day or find a creative approach to common tasks?

Children dressed up as superheroes playing in a field

If you use WordPress, then you’re probably already aware of the many features that make a content manager or blogger’s job a lot easier. But there are also some superpowers that WordPress grants users.

Here are seven features we think are almost as cool as driving a Batmobile:

  1. Create a “sticky” post. This allows you to keep a post with important information at the top of your blog even when you publish a new post. Access this feature from the publishing panel; there’s a flag icon at the top right. When you hover over it, “Mark as sticky/Displayed at top” appears.
  2. Copy and paste a URL directly to your draft. When using the Visual Editor, select the text you want hyperlinked,  press CTRL+V to paste the appropriate URL and it will be converted automatically.
  3. Edit your images. Access the Media Library, select your image and click Edit.  From this screen you can add a caption or alternative text. If you click Edit Image button you can then resize, rotate, crop or flip your image.
  4. Embed fun stuff. Do you have a YouTube video or Tweet you want to include in your post? Simply paste its link into your post and WordPress converts it automatically.  
  5. Did you change your post’s title before publishing it? You probably need to edit your post’s URL, too. Change the slug quickly without retyping it by highlighting the text you wish to change, pressing Backspace and then OK.
  6. Schedule your posts. Going on vacation or working with a content calendar? Bank your posts and schedule them to publish. When your post is complete, navigate to the calendar icon next to the words “Publish Immediately” located in the side panel on the right side of the page. Click the Edit and then select the date and time at which you want your post to publish.
  7. Format your copy quickly with shortcuts. You probably already know you can make your posts easier to read with the use of headings, ordered or unordered lists and blockquotes. But did you know WordPress supports shortcuts to help you create them? Here are a few: Typing the > creates blockquotes. Typing 1. or 1) creates ordered lists. Typing * or creates unordered lists (but you may have to place a space between the symbol and the text to see the bullet points). Typing # creates Heading 1; typing ## creates Heading 2, and typing ### creates Heading 3.

Incorporating these tools can simplify your use of WordPress — freeing you to develop your spidey-sense or go hang out at the Justice League.


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Journalist and blogger Alexis Barton has loved language and the written word for as long as she can remember; she earned her Masters in Journalism from the University of Alabama before joining us here at Infomedia where she puts her skills to work researching, interviewing and writing web copy for our clients, our own blog and our social media channels. She might be a self-described “grammar nerd,” but she promises she isn’t judging your texts, emails or emoji usage. When she isn’t at the keyboard, Alexis loves shopping, napping and obsessing over Alabama football.

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