How to Check Forms in the Backend of WordPress

Sometimes forms get lost on the way to your inbox.

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Forms can be great for getting feedback from your users about your website, company, and more. WordPress normally sends you form entries in a nice and neat email for convenient viewing; however, sometimes this feature breaks. Sometimes these emails get caught in your spam folder or your IP address was blacklisted, but otherwise they probably were never sent via email. Here’s how you can manually check the form entries on your WordPress Dashboard.

From your dashboard, find the Forms tab on your sidebar. It will take you to a list of all of your current and inactive forms that are on your site.

Here you can see the form, and the number of entries that have been submitted to it. To see all of the entries, click on the corresponding number in the Entries column:

This view shows all of the information in the form, in this case an email, a selection of choices and a comments box. You can search and organize the list in the upper right corner to look for specific entries. 


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