How to Switch from the Block Editor to the Classic Editor in WordPress

It’s easy to switch back to the classic WordPress editor.

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The WordPress block editor, known as Gutenberg, has been out for a few months now. While it offers plenty of opportunity to improve your site, some still prefer the familiarity of the classic editor. If you’re a devotee of the classic editor, you can switch back in a few simple steps.

Search and install the Classic Editor plugin

From your dashboard, navigate to Plugins and choose Add New.

Use the search bar to look for the Classic Editor plugin or find it in the Featured or Popular sections. If you’re apprehensive about installing plugins, you can rest easy knowing this is an official plugin maintained by WordPress. Click the Install Now button to add the plugin to your site.

Go to Writing Settings

You can do this easily by clicking on the Settings link under the Classic Editor plugin once you have it installed. If you accidentally navigate away from your Installed Plugins page, you can also go to Settings > Writing on your WordPress dashboard.

Choose “Classic Editor” as the default editor for all users

If your site has multiple contributors and some prefer the block editor, you can also allow your users to switch editors. When you’re ready to start using the block editor, you can revisit the Writing Settings page to make the switch.

Now when you’re ready to add a post, you’ll be able to use the classic editor. By default, this plugin hides all functionality offered by the block editor.

WordPress will support and maintain the Classic Editor plugin until at least 2022, so you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the block editor. Check out our tutorials on how to get started and how to use photos with the block editor, and contact support@infomedia.com if you’re a client and would like a personal training.

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