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Staying Healthy at Work: Tips, Ideas & the WordPress 5K

Staying healthy at Infomedia, including the WorldWide WordPress 5K — otherwise known as “the 5K blogged about around the world.”

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There are a lot of obstacles standing in the way of staying healthy while working a desk job. Each year more studies are announced about the ramifications of sitting for 8+ hours a day. So, how do Infomedians stay healthy? The consensus around the office is this: Every little bit helps, whether it’s choosing only the slightly better option at lunch or taking a walk around the building to stretch your legs. We have pretty flexible hours at Infomedia, which helps those of us itching to try a new class or take a longer walk in the middle of the day. The aim isn’t to be in Olympian-level shape with perfect eating habits; most of us are just trying to get a bit better every day.

This week, we’re challenging everyone in the company to participate in the WorldWide WordPress 5K — otherwise known as “the 5K blogged about around the world.” Want to join us? You can do the WordPress 5K from anywhere, and you’re welcome to walk or run it; just travel the equivalent of a 5K sometime between Monday, Sept. 19 and Sunday, Sept. 25. Follow along with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages, or follow the rest of the race using the hashtag #wwwp5k. Here are everyday ways we make health more accessible to Infomedia employees:

Healthy options in vending machines and free filtered water

When hunger strikes and you’re left woefully underprepared, healthy fast options like Kind Bars (very low-sugar nut bars) and Boom Chicka Pop (a light bagged popcorn) are lifesavers. They may not be as healthy as a fresh salad, but they’re much better options than than the chocolate bars and chips in most vending machines.

How you can do it:

Consider putting out a bowl of fruit instead of candy in the break room. If there is a vending machine, look into replacing empty calorie treats with more filling, healthy ones such as protein bars.

Our kitchen appliances

Three cheers for a large fridge, toaster oven, microwave, and George Foreman grill. I’ve witnessed many creative uses of these devices to make healthy breakfasts and lunches.

How you can do it:

Most places may already have a fridge and microwave, but consider other appliances like a toaster oven to give employees another option for heating up/cooking food.

Discounted membership to the YMCA

On Columbiana Road, we are situated right across the street from the Y. It is much easier to get to the gym when you drive right by everyday. Or it will just make you feel guilty …

How you can do it:

If your business is close to such a location, explore whether they will offer discounts to your employees.

Host yoga at lunchtime once a week

When the exercise class comes to you, it’s hard to make up many excuses on your lunch break. Several of us like to walk in groups in the neighborhoods around our office to get our steps in, and sometimes we even get a group together to do an exercise video, or to pay for a local yoga instructor to come to the office.

How you can do it:

Find a group at your office who want to be more active and encourage each other through group exercise at work, whether that’s a stroll outside during lunch or meeting outside of work to attend a class. Holding each other accountable is very effective, even if it’s just making a pact to bring lunch from home three days a week.

We’re far from perfect at Infomedia — but small changes in behavior add up over time. Something as simple as packing an apple in your bag in the morning or downloading a pedometer app for your phone to count your steps can help you in the long-run.

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