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Who Should Go to WordCamp? Everyone!

Marketing professionals, freelancers, bloggers, networkers will all enjoy WordCamp Birmingham.

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WordCamp Birmingham, the day-long WordPress conference, is great for developers and designers — but it’s not just for them. We encourage everyone on our staff to go to the event, and we’ve found year after year that our learning pays off. WordCamp is the obvious choice for coding geeks (and I use that term lovingly), but what about the rest of us? If you fit into one of the following categories, here’s why I should see you at WordCamp on August 16:

Marketing Professionals

There’s more to WordCamp than just coding. You’ll find lots of tips for blogging, using social media and talking to an audience. Now that we’re all using the Internet to communicate, it’s helpful to have a handle on the basics (and not-so-basics) of blogging, and WordCamp is a great place to learn those skills.


We use freelancers pretty often here at Infomedia, and there’s one thing the successful ones have in common — they’re committed to continual learning. Freelancers who learn at least a little bit about fields related to theirs are more valuable to us than freelancers who stick to one very specific thing without any perspective on related subjects. For example, we work with writers who know a little about graphic design and blogging, and we work with photographers who understand coding. Because we need all elements to create the perfect website, it helps that our freelancers have an idea of the big picture. At WordCamp, freelancers can get a good overview of the world of WordPress, and that’s helpful even if they’re not building websites.


If you’re a blogger wondering if WordCamp will really be useful for you — it will be. You’ll have lots of opportunity to learn about the basics of building a blog if you’re just getting started, and if you’ve been blogging for awhile, you’ll learn little details and tricks that will help you every day, plus get inspiration for knowing what to write about. Here at Infomedia, we use WordPress for all sorts of things, but it’s a fantastic blogging platform, and whether or not your site is built using WordPress, there’s plenty to learn. If your site IS WordPress? Well, the world of WordCamp is your oyster.


Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer, a photographer or a developer or a designer, networking is almost certainly an important part of your business. (If it’s not, it probably should be.) Making contacts helps you make your own work stronger, and it leads you to new contacts, too. Networking is one of my favorite parts of my job because it yields such great results, both personally and professionally. WordCamp isn’t designed primarily as a networking event, but between chatting with people before and after sessions, meeting people I’m sitting with, talking with people at lunch and hanging out at the after party, I always come home with lots of new contacts. Bring your business cards and brush up on your small talk, and WordCamp can be a great place to build your contact list. As always, I’m pretty excited about WordCamp Birmingham. I’m proud that several of our Infomedians are speaking this year, and that our own Andrew Searles has worked hard all year to make the event happen and hopefully be one of the best yet. I’m a big believer in WordPress and WordCamp, and I want everyone to be there because it really is a great opportunity for learning more, no matter your business. You can buy your tickets here, and I’ll see you at WordCamp on August 16!

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