Infomedian Brian Krogsgard Recognized as Industry Leader

Infomedia's Lead WordPress Developer was profiled yesterday on WooThemes' blog.

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Infomedia’s Lead WordPress Developer, Brian Krogsgard, was profiled yesterday on Why is this a big deal? Because WooThemes is an industry leader and outstanding WordPress plugin and theme provider. Because, any time we see a video interview with one of our team members, it’s pretty exciting. And because, as always, Brian did us proud, speaking about what we stand for here at Infomedia: the importance of quality, and the value of our client and development communities.

WooThemes makes a product that we love here at Infomedia called WooCommerce. It’s an open source eCommerce platform that we’re actively building upon and extending to meet the needs of many of our customers operating eCommerce stores. Brian and our other developers have created relationships with the WooThemes team that has enabled us to suggest feature requests, help test new features, contribute new code and bug reports, and overall be able to better contribute to the project.

Brian talks about working with clients before he starts programming, and that’s really important to us. We want our developers to be part of the process from the very beginning, because we think that’s the best way to build sites that function best for our customers. He talks a lot about giving back to and learning from the WordPress community through his community WordPress blog, Twitter and events like WordCamp. Why is this important? It’s like he says — developing relationships with other folks in the WordPress community helps stay on top of things and do our best work, both for Infomedia and for our customers.

Today, we’re going to thank Brian for representing us so well, and for all the hard work he does every day, both for WordPress and for every one of his clients — that is, if he has any time left after signing autographs.

Check out the interview on WooThemes.

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