Finish Strong: Why Major Companies Choose WordPress

Building a website is a big undertaking that requires big trust, so choosing a company that uses secure CMS like WordPress makes a huge difference in your success. See why WordPress is the choice of companies like Forbes, Best Buy, The New York Times, and Infomedia!

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If you could design a website for your small business using the same tools that huge, successful companies like NBC, UPS, The New York Times and Forbes do — would you? Massive companies need to be able to handle large amounts of website traffic; they require robust security; they have huge teams of people who need to access the backend of the website at the same time; their sites need to be well-designed and easy to navigate.

Every business deserves that same level of security, and everyone can have it — by choosing a WordPress hosting company (like … ahem … Infomedia) for website design. Those companies listed above? They all use WordPress for their websites, and so does Infomedia. As web developers in Birmingham, we believe it’s the right choice for us and for our customers. So why do major companies choose WordPress? Here’s the breakdown:

Ease of Use

WordPress is very simple to use, update and manage. Gone are the days when you had to contact your webmaster to get a few words changed on your website — if you can use email, you can use the WordPress dashboard to change content, add pictures or pages, and even blog on your website. Big companies have to make changes constantly, sometimes every minute, so this functionality is huge. But it’s important for small business, too: Each client at Infomedia gets a WordPress training from our support staff, empowering their teams to make site changes easily. (And if they still have questions or want a refresher course, we’re here for that, too.)


WordPress has an incredibly robust security system that helps protect each site both from hackers and from internal abuse, and it archives information so it isn’t lost. When you choose a WordPress hosting company like Infomedia, you’re getting the benefit of a massive amount of time and money that’s being poured into security every day. And as attackers change and adapt and find new ways to attack, WordPress finds new ways of protecting its clients. That’s why companies like Best Buy and eBay and Sony, companies that need strong security, choose WordPress.

Search Performance

Search optimization, use of keywords and SEO is a big concern for companies both big and small. WordPress is a great choice for SEO because Google recognizes the WordPress platform more than any other CMS (Content Management System). It’s also easier to incorporate keywords into your blogs and content by using WordPress plugins like Yoast that are designed to help with SEO. 

Ability to Personalize

Large companies don’t usually use WordPress sites right “out of the box” — they tailor them to suit the specific needs of the business. WordPress is open-source, which means the coding that makes their sites work isn’t a secret. They open that information up, giving everyone the ability to make changes and improve on the product. At any given moment, WordPress developers all over the world are sharing secrets of how they made WordPress better.

In fact, that’s what we do here at Infomedia as web developers in Birmingham. We take the strong framework that WordPress provides, and we make it even stronger, building on their base to create a site with custom functionality that performs perfectly for your unique business.

The Price Is Right

The WordPress commitment to open source saves big money, too: Websites are developed more quickly, even though they’re actually tested more thoroughly, because the basic pieces already exist and have been perfected over time. That means, when we create a site through Infomedia, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel — we put our clients’ time and money to better use, creating incredibly personalized functionality.

WordPress Is Future-Proof

It’s true that we can’t know the future, but we can make predictions based on the dangers we already see. Big companies know that choosing WordPress can protect them from most breaks and bugs, because the basic components of the sites have already been tested time and time again. Even when you add new features to your WordPress site, you can read reviews on new widgets and plug-ins to be sure they’re functioning correctly.

WordPress is changing all the time — new functionality is being added, more people are getting involved in development and they’re adding new features, and web development companies like Infomedia are contributing to the conversation and creating beautiful new websites that deliver real results and ROI. Major companies trust WordPress with their websites, and we at Infomedia can help you use WordPress for your business, too.

We do web development in Birmingham and beyond — contact us today to talk about using the best of WordPress to grow your business.


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