Three Reasons You Need a Blog in 2019

Think you've missed the blog bandwagon? Don’t worry: We saved you a space. Now is just as good a time as any to blow your business or brand's horn on the internet. Actually, maybe it’s the best time, because you can learn from the intrepid souls who launched theirs before you.

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Blogs are an important resource that can benefit your company or even help your personal branding efforts. If you’ve had one for a while and are wondering whether they are still useful, perhaps it’s time to refocus your content on the basics (don’t worry; we’ll show you how).

Here’s why you still need a blog — or how you can refine your existing content strategy to get an existing one back on track:

Use Blogging to Develop Your Community

Use your blog as a platform to build a community around your product and services, or to establish yourself in an existing network. While some may believe “if you build it, they will come,” our advice comes with a caveat: This may take time. With consistent effort and regular posts, your circle may come to rely on you for your expertise. Also, remember that diversity can help make a space more inviting. Incorporate a variety of voices as well as varied content (numbered lists, link-ups, slideshows, wish lists, hot takes on current events guest posts, how-to’s or do’s and don’t’s or even a look at “the year in review”) to keep your blog fresh.

Use Your Blog to Engage Your Existing Clients (and find new ones!)

Reach out to existing clients and sales contacts by simply sharing what it is you do best. Use your posts to share the expertise your clients have benefitted from on projects that reflect well on your company. In addition, you can use it to demonstrate your relevance to contacts and potential customers. When appropriate, why not send a prospect a post they might find interesting or useful as a way to network? And don’t forget: Every “like” or “share” is an opportunity to connect with someone who enjoys your work, even if it’s just to say “thank you.”

Reflect Your Unique Culture through Your Blog

Showing what makes your company, product, service or brand special is more than tooting your own horn. Take a look at your mission statement, and let that guide some of your posts by showing how your team “lives” your company’s values.  Demonstrate what makes the people behind your business important too. So take readers behind-the-scenes and share company wins, examples of great customer service, company-wide community service, and both individual and group milestones. Not only does it make your staff and colleagues feel appreciated, it shows that your organization is real.

Blogging: You Can Do It!

Still hesitant to claim your corner of the internet with a blog? Don’t be. While the task may seem daunting, implementing these tips can help you start (or resurrect) a blog that connects with your circle in a way that is relevant — and relatively easy. Need help finding your voice? Infomedia’s copywriters can help put you on the right track; click here to check out our copywriting services.


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Journalist and blogger Alexis Barton has loved language and the written word for as long as she can remember; she earned her Masters in Journalism from the University of Alabama before joining us here at Infomedia where she puts her skills to work researching, interviewing and writing web copy for our clients, our own blog and our social media channels. She might be a self-described “grammar nerd,” but she promises she isn’t judging your texts, emails or emoji usage. When she isn’t at the keyboard, Alexis loves shopping, napping and obsessing over Alabama football.

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