What Your Museum Website Needs

From modern art to models of the space system, museums hold wonders that educate and inspire visitors. But sometimes that wonder is lost in translation to the web. Learn how to highlight your museum's greatest features, and gain more visitors, with our advice on building the best website possible.

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Museums can be a flurry of activity. Whether it’s a touring a group of school children around the facility or organizing trainings for volunteers, there’s always something happening. That’s why having a good website is so important for a museum; not only will it boost visitors, but it will also help keep everything organized with calendars, forms and more. Here are five features that are essential for your museum’s site.

Explore Exhibitions

Show off what your museum has to offer with a dedicated “Exhibitions” page. This can include photographs, descriptions and even mini bios of artists when applicable. Make sure to highlight how long the exhibitions will each run so visitors can plan accordingly. If you’d like your site to cover these more extensively, you can also have pages dedicated to future or past exhibitions.

Plan Your Visit

Make a page that is a one-stop-shop for information that visitors need. Include basics like opening hours, admission pricing and the museum’s address. Other details that could be helpful are tour schedules, accessibility for those with disabilities, groups reservations and discount opportunities.

Keep a Calendar

Every museum is going to have events, so put them all in one handy place with a “Events Calendar” page. Highlight everything from fundraisers to senior citizen discount days, so visitors can always be in-the-know. If there are events, such as classes or ticket-required affairs, that require purchases, then be sure to link to a third-party platform (such as Eventbrite) where they can pay.


Since the majority of museums are nonprofits, donations and paid memberships are a very important subject to highlight on your website. Display membership options, highlighting the benefits of each tier, and also give the option of a one-time donation by linking to a third-party payment system such as PayPal. If applicable, highlight the fact that donations are tax-deductible and provide examples of how previous donations have helped the museum.


Many people love museums, so it’s no surprise that volunteering is a cornerstone to many museums’ operations. If your establishment takes volunteers, advertise that with a “Volunteer Opportunities” page. This can be as simple as a description of how your volunteer program works and contact information for the manager, or as complex as individual volunteer listings for various positions.

If you’re wanting to create your own museum site but are overwhelmed by the options, Infomedia has the solution. Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to set up a fuss-free, no-commitment consultation for you with one of our website professionals.


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