5 Reasons You Need Website Support After Launch

We know from customer feedback that website support is one of the highest-rated benefits for our clients. Web support can help with updating, making changes to your website, and keeping up with pesky details like domain names.

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You know the feeling: You’re paying for a new (expensive) device at Best Buy, and the cashier asks you to tack on another chunk of change for insurance. It’s a tricky moment — is that extra cost really worth the peace of mind? When you’ve just bought a website, that question — whether or not to purchase the insurance of website support — can be just as daunting. But when it comes to adding support to your website, the stakes, and the benefits, can be much higher than they are at that Best Buy counter.

A website that produces good ROI is a living, breathing, changing asset for your business. Building and maintaining that website should be more than just a one-time business transaction, because your website is a digital storefront and the way you connect with clients, customers and leads.

At Infomedia, almost all our sites are sold with our standard web hosting and maintenance package. Why? Because effective websites change and evolve, and Infomedia places high value in providing a long-term, holistic web solution rather than leaving you to figure it all out yourself. We’re your website partner, not just your website company.

Think that’s just a sales strategy? It’s not; we know from customer feedback that website support is one of the highest-rated benefits for our clients. Here are a few reasons hearty website support is important:

1) Website support helps when life gets busy

Don’t we all know this to be true? You have good intentions and to-do lists to help you keep up with the things that you know need to happen, but there’s always that one thing that slips through the cracks. There are a few things that absolutely have to be maintained to keep your website functioning — things like your domain name. It’s actually pretty easy to forget to renew that (very) important little string of characters (no matter how many times GoDaddy sends you reminder emails). Thankfully, with website support, your domain is on someone else’s checklist (if you have web support with Infomedia, it’s on more than one person’s checklist, just in case). So no matter how busy your life gets, your website will still be busy getting traffic, because your domain name won’t expire — and neither will anything else, for that matter.

2) Technology has an expiration date, but your web support team performs updates and maintenance

Aside from avocados and buying a new car off the lot, there are very few things that expire or depreciate faster than technology. (Apple users can relate — if you don’t plan your upgrades wisely, Apple is bound to release the latest and greatest model mere weeks after you buy your shiny new iPhone.) Your website itself won’t expire that quickly, but with each passing month and year, there are new design trends, Google algorithms, features that can be added to your site, and user-experience techniques to top the ones that were the best-of-the-best before.

Whether your site needs a tune up, a new feature added, or just a few updates completed, website support provides the full-service work that you need to get “in and out of the shop” quickly and efficiently. Can you make your own updates when your WordPress dashboard says it’s time? Of course! But sometimes other technology on your site is affected by this update, and a website support team helps to be sure everything is functioning properly after an update and to fix anything that isn’t.

3) What do you do if your website goes down? Website support has you covered.

This doesn’t happen often, but hacked websites are a danger in the web industry. With website support, your website is protected from hacks and potential predators by the latest, greatest and strongest security updates, and by the Fort Knox-like security measures we take internally. And if, despite all odds, your website goes down anyway, we’ll have it back up in no time, even if the breach happens after-hours.

4) Your business changes over time, and our website support keeps up

As a business owner, it’s easy to get stuck in the thinking that your business is built on the same ideas, the same processes, and the same notion that everything will keep working the way it always has. But with technology, culture, and customer thinking as variables in the business world, change must be expected, and your website must be dynamic. Your website needs flexibility, and it needs to stay fresh — that means, aside from content and images, some of the other moving parts will need to be adjusted and/or added to as time goes on.

5) Your clients’ needs change over time, too, and a great web support team can help

Your clients are ever-evolving variables in your business model and the audience that you always want to captivate with your business offerings. In addition to evolving client preferences, the types of things your clients are looking for and needing from your company will be changing and evolving as well. For example, maybe your simple ecommerce website started by just selling a few products, but now your customers are requesting customizations, suggesting the idea of email coupons, and hinting at other features that your simple ecommerce site doesn’t offer out-of-the-box. The options for upgrades are nearly endless, but it may take a web design company to make the magic happen, and a web support team can help you do that.

Do you have a website and think you need some website support now? Did you opt out of web support initially, but now you’re convinced that was a mistake? Have a change you want to make to your current site? Send us a support request or give us a call at 205.823.4440, and we’ll get you back on track.

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