Making Eye-Catching Content: Why Visuals Matter

Visuals are always a key component to a good website.

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The attraction people have towards visual imagery starts at the beginning of life. Visuals are often used as the main method to teach children, and as they grow up the appeal towards visuals stays. Creating eye-catching, well produced pictures/videos will pull viewers into what you are trying to convey. This is true whether it’s on social media, in a magazine or on a blog post. But creating this content isn’t always as simple as it seems. Here are a few key points to producing eye-catching pictures and videos:

Focus on Threes

The eye and brain are drawn towards groupings of threes. By having three main points of focus within your picture, you are much more likely to attract viewers. This can be a trio of employees featured on Instagram, three products photographed together or even a trio of images displayed at the top of a landing page.

Rule of Thirds

On the subject of threes, there is also the golden rule of thirds in visual imagery. It’s a simple rule to remember that helps create shots that engage the eye. When looking at video or picture, you can divide the image into nine sections like the graphic below:

When you are creating a photo or video, try placing the subject on one of the four cross-points. You can also place a subject entirely in one of the nine sections. By following this, you are able to create images that stand out and sit more comfortably with the viewer.

Create a Color Palette

If your company has a specific color palette, use three or four of those colors in your photos or videos. This will create imagery that is easily relatable and memorable by the viewers, associating your business with the colors they see. Keeping a consistent color palette with your social media will also be more appealing to viewers seeing the platform as a whole, like on an Instagram page for example.

Stay Steady

This last tip pertains mostly to video content. When producing a video it is important to have a tripod or another form of stabilization. Without stabilization your video is susceptible to viewers assuming you are not a professional company. Stabilized video helps keep the viewer’s focus on the content and message rather than the shaky frame.

As you continue to grow your audience and strengthen your company’s visual identity it may be best to get professional help with photography and videography. This will expedite the content creating process and ensure high quality work is being made. If you need assistance with visuals, from a homepage video to staff bio photographs, Infomedia is happy to help. Just reach out to us today for a no-commitment consultation and free quote.


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