Make Your Website the Center of Your Marketing Universe

People are creating marketing solar systems for their companies without putting their websites at the center where they rightfully belong.

A fake image of Earth taken from space

Prior to the publication of On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres by Copernicus in 1543, most people believed Earth was at the center of the solar system. We know better now, but people have a long history of placing the focus on the wrong things.

This trend continues today as people are creating marketing solar systems for their companies without putting their websites at the center where they rightfully belong. Websites are like the sun: everything should revolve around them, and they should be the brightest part of your overall marketing.

Here’s why:

Your Website Is a Nerve Center

Perhaps the best way to look at a website isn’t from an astronomical perspective. Maybe it’s from a biological one.

Your website is more like a nerve center, a center that is connected to everything else you do. A website can be an operations hub from which your online advertising, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing efforts originate or operate.

This gives you the ability to allow your target audience to communicate with you on various levels, all through your website. They can sign up for newsletters, buy products and services, find your various social media platforms, read about the latest promotions and offers, and contact you directly.

Much like a human nerve center, each communication is an electronic signal that travels through the infrastructure you’ve set up – and it all goes through the website.

Your Website Is an Educational Tool

Above all, perhaps your website is best thought of as a center of information and education.

After all, a website can explain virtually anything that needs to be explained about a product or service. The amount of information that can be contained on a website is one of the marvels of the modern age, actually. With a click, people can find out reams of details about virtually anything.

This ties into the idea of a nerve center because you should direct people to your website to learn more. For example, if you have a radio or TV ad, direct people to your website so they can educate themselves on the latest developments of an issue related to your business. Or add a link to a landing page in an ad or an email to get people to walk further down the path of education — which will hopefully then funnel them into a sale. Driving traffic to your website is a powerful tool in sales, in brand recognition, and in informational credibility.

If your website isn’t the hub, it can’t serve to educate and inform, which is too bad, because that is exactly what people want out of the Internet today.

Make Copernicus proud: Make your website the center of your marketing universe.


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