3 Surprising Strategies for Your Website to Bring in Business Leads

One of the main reasons to have a website is to draw in more business leads. While just having a website used to put you ahead of the competition, now having a strategy in-hand is what's needed to get your site in front of more potential customers.

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From collaborating with others in your field to giving customers no-cost content, read below to learn three of our favorite methods for easily boosting business on your website.

Getting Guest Bloggers on Board

Bringing in guest bloggers to write for your site doesn’t just create connections within your industry, it also gives you access to that guest’s contacts as well. Once their piece is published, guest bloggers often share the content on their social media, introducing your company to a whole new set of potential customers. Having a guest blogger can also bring a fresh perspective to your business’s blog and introduce new ideas for content and strategies to your staff and customers.

Offering Free Valuable Content

While we’ve all heard the phrase “Nothing in life is free,” there’s no reason to keep perpetuating that myth. Some of our favorite things to give away for free are downloadable guides, free consultations or website audits, webinar tutorials and even more extensive projects like our own Infomedia Training Center. Offering valuable content at no cost, can bolster your business leads in several ways:

First, it establishes you as a figure of authority in your industry and gives customers the impression that you’re knowledgeable in the field. Giving away free content also creates a positive relationship with potential clients, automatically making them view your communication as “give and take” instead of the usual “pay first” mentality of most companies. And lastly, offering no-cost content always brings in more word-to-mouth leads. People love free stuff and are much more likely to share it with others if they find it valuable.

Optimizing Your Blog Posts

Having interesting blog posts full of helpful information is key to bringing in business leads, but there are two main components of blogging that you might be forgetting. They involve getting the readers there (using Search Engine Optimization) and telling them what to do once they’ve found your blog (using calls to action). Peppering your blog posts with keywords will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and bring more potential customers to your website. Once these readers have reached the blog post, though, they also need to be guided around your site by calls to action (CTA) in the form of buttons or in-line sentences to send them to a landing page or contact form.

If you’re confident in your website’s business lead strategies, but less than confident in your website’s appearance, then reach out to us at Infomedia! We’ll be happy to meet with you for a no-commitment consultation about your site.


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