Want More Web Traffic? Be Authentic.

What’s a web company doing talking about authenticity? What does being authentic have to do with web traffic?

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I’m guessing that title throws you a little bit: What’s a web design company in Birmingham doing talking about authenticity? Shouldn’t we be talking about SEO, site visits, or coding? What does being authentic have to do with increasing traffic to your website?

It’s simple, really. The definition of authenticity is: Not false or copied. Genuine. Real. We all have an innate desire for more of that in our lives. We search it out in every area — character, food, experiences, etc. But I think we need to add one more thing to that list, and that’s authenticity in how you portray your organization online. I know from experience that it’s the things that make your company unique, that authentically communicate to your values and your company character, that will attract more web traffic and more customers. It’s that authenticity that ends up making you money.

That’s why we encourage our clients to shoot original photography, write authentic copy and capture meaningful video. The Internet can be chaotic, and it pays to cater to real people who want an authentic experience that serves as a respite to all that chaos. Part of our job here at Infomedia is to detect when something’s not right, when you’re not representing your company in an authentic way. In helping you create uniqueness with original content, we can create a major advantage for your company over your competition.

We have competitors in this industry who make building a website sound cheap and simple. They’re not creating original content because it takes time, effort, organization, and, yes, money. But how accurate is that portrayal to the outside world? It’s not authentic, and it won’t represent your company well or drive traffic to your site. While there’s no denying the investment that original content requires, the outcome has the potential to create extremely valuable returns.

How authentic are you when it comes to your website? Do your users grasp your value proposition? Do they take action? Creating meaningful, authentic interactions on your website can be the difference between achieving your goals — or not.


About Clay

Clay has a head for business, but he’s also in touch with his inner geek; he transitions seamlessly between the boardroom and the developers’ office (with a quick stop at the CrossFit gym in between). He prefers plain English to “geek speak,” so he’s the perfect choice to translate technobabble into provable goals and ROI, helping our clients incorporate the technologies they need to build their businesses. Clay loves being involved in the Birmingham business community and fostering the abundant potential in the Magic City; his work on the Associate Board of Alabama Policy Institute and with Aspire Movement as a mentor are two of his favorite causes. When he’s not at work, you’re likely to find him at an Auburn game with his wife and three kids or in one of his favorite Birmingham craft coffee shops.

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