5 Types of Videos That Should Be on Your Business Website

Video has become one of the most popular media forms around. Many users would prefer to watch, instead of read, about your business. And that means that making videos should be a priority when it comes to marketing your brand.

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It’s hard to be online without seeing a video touting a business. They’re on social media, streaming services and more. But if your company isn’t creating videos yet, then you might be behind the curve when it comes to advertising your services. The team at Infomedia can help you conceptualize, shoot and edit unique videos that will showcase your business. Below, we outline which types of video you should be focusing on. Whether you choose one or all five of these video suggestions, you’re sure to see an increase in engagement.


Having positive reviews for your services or products can entice other customers to choose your business. Better yet, creating a testimonial video of happy clients can extensively showcase even more of what you have to offer. These can be small clips of customers who are willing to praise you on camera, or a mix of clips and text quotes for those who may be a little camera shy.

Company Culture

There are two main reasons to have a company culture video: clients and prospective employees. Giving a little background on your business can allow potential hires to see how things may be run and entice the best and the brightest to apply for your open positions. For customers, knowing the values and work ethic of the company they’re doing business with can instill confidence in your process and end product.

Product Demo

This category won’t apply to every business out there, but if you’re involved in producing products, then it can be a beneficial type of video to create. Whether it’s showing how securely the pipe attachments you manufacture fit or displaying how high-quality your monogrammed clothes are, making a video demo can help clients know that they’re getting their money’s worth.

Behind the Scenes

For companies who don’t necessarily create tangible products, having a behind-the-scenes video can really help in driving business. These types of videos can be created for almost any process within your company. They can display the teaching techniques of a school or program, show insight into your creative process for producing blueprints or reveal the various procedures offered at a medical facility.

Educational Content

If you’re willing to share some insight into your company’s industry, sharing educational content might just garner you more clients. Producing how-to or tutorial videos won’t just prove that you know what you’re talking about (although it will do that); it will also entice customers who are seeking services similar to those in your educational content. You don’t have to give away all of your trade secrets, but adding insider knowledge to these videos can make you stand out from competitors.

Want to extend your business’s reach with video but not sure how to do it on your own? Contact us at Infomedia; we’d love to talk with you about what types of videos can be useful for building your brand. We even have a videographer on staff to help if you’re ready to shoot.


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