Boost Your Business: Three Types of Video That Work for Anyone

Let’s dive in with three different video platforms you can use on your own social media channels!

man displays blueberries and pastry dough in front of a camera

We’re seeing increasing rates of video usage on social media, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s immediate, attention-getting, and seems more authentic to viewers who’ve grown up in the era of Photoshop. It’s easier than ever to shoot video nowadays, so if a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million.

Twitter: Twitter Video

In order to engage your target audience scrolling their feed, use a video that grabs attention from the first frame. Twitter videos automatically play as the user scrolls, so use this to your advantage and make your video POP! Many larger brands such as Pizza Hut and Popeyes use humor to rev up engagement with their followers. Use this platform to show off shorter tutorials or quick testimonials that will draw eyes to your main site. Also, any video under a minute will loop automatically, so, depending on your goals — it may pay off to be short and sweet!

Recommended length: Maximum length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
Video orientation: Aspect ratios of 1:2.39 and 2.39:1
Recommended file size: 1GB or less

Instagram: IGTV

Unveiled just last year, IGTV is coming for YouTube’s content crown. This is the platform where you can create more long-form content to build trust in your brand. Try doing a live-stream demonstrating your service, or create a how-to video of one of your products. Educational videos do extremely well on this platform and strengthen your brand’s authenticity for your audience.

Recommended length: For less-well known brands, 5 minutes or less. Brands with name recognition can go as long as 60 minutes.
Video orientation: Vertical with aspect ratios of 4:5 to 16:9
Recommended format: MP4 format


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LinkedIn: LinkedIn Video

As the more buttoned-up cousin of the previous other social media sites listed, LinkedIn is used for professional networking, so stick to more formal video content. Video testimonials from customers and educational videos do very well in kick-starting conversation online with your audience. People trust people, not corporate suits. Using video here is a great way to display your brand in an authentic, personal way.

Recommended length: 90 seconds or less (10 minute maximum)
Video orientation: Aspect ratios of 1:2.4 to 2.4:1
Recommended format and file size: ASF, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MKV, and WebM formats can be used with a maximum size of 5GB.

Hopefully, you are brimming with ideas on how to use these video tools. But remember, producing video content for the sake of being “hip” will ring false. If you want to add video to your social media campaigns, get clear on who you want to reach and how best to reach them. Everyone with a smartphone is savvy to marketing ploys. Keep it authentic and watch your business grow!

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