What is the Marketing Funnel and Why Should You Use It?

This simple concept can focus your marketing efforts and bring in more customers.

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The marketing funnel is a basic analogy of how to drive customers to your business. The large top of the funnel represents consumers who are aware of your brand, and the small tip of the funnel represents actual customers who purchase from your business. The point of the funnel is to help you visualize your potential customer base in an easier way, along with allowing you to strategize for how to move them from possible customers to actual paying customers.

By paying attention to the structure of the marketing funnel, you can better plan for how to structure content and messaging to speak to customers in different stages of the funnel. Although there are different versions of the marketing funnel, we’ve broken ours down into three major categories for a quick overview:


The top level of the funnel is awareness. At this point, you’re working to generate brand awareness for your business, products and services. One way to get consumers to remember your brand name is to provide them something for free. We’re not talking about shooting swag t-shirts out of cannons, but instead offering free content that they find useful. This could be a blog post, webinar or video that teaches them something. Not only will learning from you make potential customers trust your brand more, it will raise their knowledge of your industry and make them feel like they have an inside view of why your products or services are superior.

How to reach customers at this level:

  • Informative blog posts
  • Webinars


The middle level of the funnel is consideration. During this phase, you’re trying to give potential customers all the information they need about your brand and products or services to make their purchasing decisions. The key is to focus on how your business can help them, whether it’s a product that provides a solution or a service that saves them time and money. For example, here at Infomedia, we created a free Training Center that is full of guides and video tutorials. Having accurate and thorough product descriptions can also make some website visitors more likely to consider purchasing your goods.

How to reach customers at this level:

  • Video demos
  • Tutorial blog posts
  • Product descriptions


The smallest part of the funnel is conversion. This is the final point of the marketing funnel and where customers finally commit to purchasing your products or services. This is where you’ll make your final sales pitch. That can include tactics like highlighting positive testimonials and providing a section to display reviews. And don’t lose your customers because of a slow and clunky sales process, because that may cause consumers to leave their shopping carts. Make sure the pages load quickly, your checkout doesn’t offer too many last-minute add-ons, and that customers get immediate confirmation of purchase.

How to reach customers at this level:

  • Easy-to-use sales process
  • Testimonials
  • Customer reviews

Whether you want to focus on one part of your sales funnel or tackle all of it, Infomedia has the expertise and the services to help; just contact us to set up a no-commitment meeting. We’ll share more about Infomedia’s marketing services, help you see what is or isn’t working on your current site and find out what you can do to easily improve your website traffic.


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