Use Social Media to Promote Your Website

Many of my clients ask me if they need to use social media to promote their business and/or website. The answer is without a doubt yes!

The Social Web

Many of my clients ask me if they need to use social media to promote their business and/or website. The answer is without a doubt yes! Another common question I hear is, “If I am on all these social media sites, does my company really need a website too?” Again, hands down, yes!

Social media can help your company reach potential customers, which otherwise may have never been reached. By using several platforms to send people back to a business’ site, potential customers can now quickly turn into returning customers.

Each social media network is used in a different way, by different people and for different reasons. If your company is present on several of these platforms, it can reach a wide variety of people and send each of them to your website for more information.

The important thing to remember is you have to update each of these sites with all of the things going on with your company, including current events that relate to your product or anything that can be relevant to the followers. Engaging followers is key. By utilizing contests, giveaways, polls, questions and more you create a two-way dialogue, which makes your followers feel more comfortable with your company.

Most posts should in some way send the user back to your site. This can serve as a place to find more information, and will hopefully turn them into your new customers. This does not mean posting your website URL at the end of every post, get creative!

A great tool to keep up with all things social media is HootSuite. It allows you to create specific posts, which can be broadcasted on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress and more! In addition to being able to manage all of these applications from one account, you can also create posts ahead of time, and then schedule them to be posted throughout the week, month or even year.Multiple Logos of social medias

When you are managing all of your accounts through one service, you can then keep up with where you are sharing all of your campaigns to reach your company’s highest potential.

There are many ways to pull analytics from each of these networks, but HootSuite makes it easy to pull all of the reports in one place. You will be able to see what posts are most successful on different platforms and where your company needs to improve.

This is not a quick process, but it pays off. If you and your company do not have the time or knowledge to set up these accounts and keep them going, it’s time to call Infomedia!

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