When to Update to a New Version of WordPress

Updating ASAP may seem like the right thing to do, but there are big consequences to getting the latest version of WordPress.

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You’ve probably noticed it at the top of your dashboard, that tempting little box that says something along the lines of “WordPress 5.0 is available. Please update now!” But before your click that button, consider the ramifications that come with updating your version of WordPress.

Our team has worked in WordPress for years, so we’ve seen all the ups and downs that happen when upgrading to the latest version. That’s why we recommend for Infomedia clients to not update their own websites and instead contact Support to see about getting the newest version. Infomedia’s developers have updated plenty of websites and know what issues to look out for and how to work around them.

From broken plug-ins to less-than-stellar-looking home pages, here are three reasons to vet your site thoroughly (or ask a professional to do it) before updating WordPress:


If you have any type of forms on your website, such as a contact form or an area to sign up for your business’s newsletter, then those may be affected by a WordPress update. The button for submitting can break, the form may not be visible to users on different internet browsers and certain third-party newsletter’s sign up embeds can have functionality issues.


Plug-ins are notorious for breaking when a new WordPress update comes out because not every plug-in has an update exactly when WordPress does. Everything from social media feeds to SEO analyzers can cease to function, or worse, malfunction and make parts of your site have a poor appearance.

Navigation Menus

One of the most important parts of your website is the navigation, which guides visitors to various parts of your site. But your navigation bar’s functionality can be compromised when a new WordPress update comes out. Buttons may not be clickable or appear out of place, leaving users with nowhere to go beyond your home page.

If you’re wanting the latest version of WordPress, or you’re wondering what route to take with your website, reach out to our team at Infomedia today. Our staff of experienced developers will work with you to achieve a website that’s up-to-date and running smoothly.


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