Do You Need to Update Your Headshot? Here’s How to Tell.

It doesn’t matter what field you work in — marketing, IT, management, medicine or something else entirely — your headshot is a representation of your professionalism.

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It can appear in a number of places like your company’s website, your social media profiles or even news articles about your company or your career success.

With all that in mind, it’s easy to understand why you need a professional headshot. But it can be challenging to know when you should update your headshot. Keep reading for some situations that call for a new one!

Your Look Has Changed

Your headshot should be an accurate representation of what you look like. So if you’ve changed your hairstyle/color or made other significant changes to your appearance, then it’s probably time to step in front of the camera again!

Your Current Headshot Isn’t Professional

A selfie or impromptu photo from your phone can work in a pinch, but a professional photographer is going to be able to show your best side to your colleagues and clients. Sometimes, people will even use photos from weddings or other events. This is usually apparent and doesn’t present a professional impression.

It’s time to invest in a professional headshot and put your best foot (and photo) forward.

You’ve Transitioned into a New Role

Maybe you were promoted or maybe you transitioned into a new field entirely. Either way, a transitional time is a perfect opportunity to update your headshot. A new headshot is a great way to establish yourself as a professional in this new role, level or field.

You’re Wanting to Establish a Personal Brand

There are plenty of headshots that look professional but don’t tell the viewer a lot about you personally. If you’re looking to establish a personal brand to advance your career, then a headshot is a great place to start. 

You’ll want to put a lot of thought into how a headshot can represent your identity in an elevated, professional way. 

Pro tip: We have two headshots on our website for each team member! One is their normal headshot, but when you click on it, you’ll see their individualized brand shot. They included personal items in the background that tell you a little more about them. This is a great way to portray professionalism and individualism. It’ll also give you a little bit of variety to choose from depending on the situation. 

Need to Update Your Headshot? Get in Touch!

If you’ve discovered that it’s time to update your headshot, then we can help! Our team of professional photographers can help you create a polished, professional look to show the world. Get in touch today to find out how.

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