Update: The Latest Information on the Heartbleed Vulnerability

Infomedia and its server partners have taken steps to ensure that the Heartbleed vulnerability no longer exists for our client websites.

A graphic of a heart bleeding

A graphic of a heart bleeding

You may have already heard of the “Heartbleed” vulnerability – a bug in secure websites that in theory allows others access to encrypted, private information.

According to experts, this vulnerability could have put sensitive information at risk, information such as passwords, debit and credit card information, and more. Hackers could use this vulnerability to obtain this information and use it for undesirable purposes.

We want to take the time to reassure our clients that the Heartbleed vulnerability has been patched on the servers we use to host your websites. The server hosts took prompt action, took an inventory of what servers were affected, and put into place safeguards – such as software upgrades – to ensure your websites are safe.

The server hosts also reissued private keys to all installed certificates on your websites, to further insure that no compromised access exists to your websites.

You can learn more about what our server hosts have done in response to Heartbleed here. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at once.

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