Understanding the Importance of Updating Your Website

Updating your website can attract search engines and customers therefore, make your business grow. Don't procrastinate, update.

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Do I Really Need to Keep My Website Up-to-Date?
I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a website to get current information only to see that the website was updated three or four months ago. It makes me wonder what’s been going on with the company and why the website hasn’t had any new information posted in the last few months.

Don’t Procrastinate Your Updates
While updating your company’s website may give you the thoughts, “I’ll get to it later,” or “I know it should be done, but it’s not at the top of my to-do list,” it is one of the most important, vital things that can be done to help your business grow. Updating your website will attract search engines to your site, give valuable information to potential clients, and show clients/potential clients current testimonials or successful projects.

A Fresh Site Will Draw Attention
One reason to update your website on a consistent basis is that it will attract search engines to your site. One way to improve searchability is to optimize your product catalog or projects with search engine-friendly tags. Another way is to optimize semantic structure for website and store by writing and implementing search engine-friendly meta data (titles and descriptions) and URL structure. If you haven’t been posting White Papers to your company blog or other current, relevant industry information, then search engines will not so easily direct to your site. You want potential clients to find your company’s website as quickly and easily as possible.

Keeping Clients Informed, Keeps Them Coming Back
Another reason to update your website is because it gives your potential clients valuable information. Many visitors to your site are looking for current employees, and if newly hired employees are not listed or employees are listed that are no longer with your organization, this can be frustrating. When updating your website make sure you add information if you have branched out into a new area of business or remove information if you have stopped doing business in a certain service area.  If there is a certain area of business you want to promote, make sure your website reflects this.

Be Proud of Your Success
A third reason to keep your website updated is that clients and potential clients want to read current testimonials. If you have had happy clients or customers lately, make sure their testimonials are listed on your website. If your company has done some very successful projects, make sure to have them on your site. The more current and up-to-date these are, the better.

Don’t let updating your website go to the bottom of the to-do list. It is an easy way to keep clients coming and allows new clients to find you and see how your business can help them.

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