How to Turn Your Website from an Expense into an Asset

We talk a lot about how to get the most out of your website, but last week John Lovoy, our beloved leader, was able to preach it to the masses.

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We talk a lot about how to get the most out of your website, but last week John Lovoy, our beloved leader, was able to preach it to the masses. John wrote an article for the Birmingham Business Journal where he went over examples of how you can take a regular old brochure website and turn it into an engine of profit.

Click here to read the BBJ article.

We like to think of these regular websites like business cards. You hand it out and hope that people visit the site when they want to contact you for work. That’s fine as an initial investment, but many companies have the opportunity to take it further. Read about examples in the article and think to yourself: Is there a way we could do this more simply, cut costs, drive more traffic to our website, increase our market share, find better employees? I’d be willing to bet there’s a better way.

If anyone would know, it would be John. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with hundreds of clients to make their businesses more profitable and more efficient on the web with tools like SEO optimization and responsive design. Before Infomedia, John owned and operated many different kinds of businesses. If there’s one thing John knows, it’s how to increase profits.

If you’ve already read John’s article, there’s more that we’ve written recently that might interest you. Jerry — he’s the guy that writes all the SEO articles — wrote about looking at your site from a different perspective. Instead of thinking about your site like a business card, put it at the center of everything you do. Let it be a centralized hub of marketing efforts for your company.

As a proof of concept, take this call-to-action into consideration. After reading John’s article, we’d love to hear the ideas you’ve come up with.

Don’t have a site?  We think we can help with that. We would love to help you build a responsive website that would drive traffic and and help you with a custom WordPress site. Give us a call.

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