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Don’t Know What Podcast to Try Next? We Have Some Ideas!

Podcasts are currently having a moment in pop culture, and there are plenty to choose from. We’ve got a fresh round-up of podcasts categorized for your enjoyment and varying attention spans.

man listens to a great podcast on his IPhone

Around Infomedia, everyone has an opinion about what podcasts are the newest thing. So, what would you like to listen to on the way to work? On a long road trip trying to stay awake? What about at the beach with friends? Check out our latest podcast picks below:

Want to stay in the loop when you get to the office?

While long-form reporting is still pivotal to get all the sides to every story, sometimes all we have time for is the bite-size hot takes before getting to the office. Several Infomedians listen to Up First NPR first thing in the morning. You’ll quickly get the top news stories for the day and become that person in the office who’s always “in the know.”
(10-15 minutes)


Need the motivation to complete your passion project?

Birmingham-native and writer of The Localist (and our own Infomedia Communications Director) Carrie Rollwagen has launched Everybody Hates Self-Publishing for anyone looking for the right motivation to produce their own work. Get inspired by Carrie’s story and then get to work!
(30-60 min)



Want to channel your inner Julia Child?

Splendid Table deep dives into yummy cuisine with interviews with chefs and food writers. WARNING: Do not listen to this podcast while hungry.
(~50 min, or just long enough to whip up a seared salmon and potato salad from Blue Apron)



Want to unwind with smart takes on pop culture?

The Popcast is helmed by Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden. McCoy lives in Chattanooga and Golden is here in Birmingham! Get the scoop on a range of topics from superhero blockbusters to celebrity career trajectories.
(~ 60 min)



Need to be updated on the newest gadgets or plan for the robots taking over the world?

TWiT (This Week in Tech) is a tech hub chock-full of how-tos and the latest updates on tech. Get knowledgeable about what the new iPhone is going to look like or how to beef up your own cyber security. You can also check out our articles here on website security and password safety.
(~ 2 hours)


We hope this list has inspired you to download or stream a couple of new podcasts this week. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter what you’re listening to!

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