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Top 40 Reasons we Love Jason Lovoy

As many of you already know our fearless leader, Jason Lovoy, has landed a spot in the Birmingham Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 for 2015.

Jason Lovoy in front of a building

I think it goes without saying that every one of us here that work for Jason are extremely proud of him, and I know there are many proud family members, friends, and others out there that share the same pride in knowing Jason personally. To show our support, we put our heads together and came up with the Top 40 reasons we love Jason. Some are funny. Some are serious. And some are so honest, there was no getting around it. Regardless, we hope you enjoy learning some things you may not know about Jason while also enjoying a good laugh.

Jason, thank you for your love for business, your support for each of us and our well-being, and your wisdom, knowledge, and poise that you bring to every day life at Infomedia. It’s a joy to be an Infomedian. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!

  1. He loves the smallest of details. Like, really small.
  2. He never forgets to give praise on a job well done.
  3. Jason brings calmness to the company as we deal with challenges that we are faced with.
  4. He has a tricky sense of humor. You never know whether he is kidding or not. (heads up, he is usually kidding)
  5. He is an incredibly hard worker and we are so glad he joined Infomedia.  We really love and admire the way he manages, works with, and cares so much about our culture.
  6. He makes fun of our “accents.” Like when we mention “cathead biscuits” or “what daddy always said.”
  7. Jason is a firm believer in no overhead lights but you can never have enough lamps in a room.
  8. He’s a clean freak so the kitchen will always be tidy.
  9. He makes us think things through when sometimes we don’t.
  10. We all have quirks, but Jason might be the king of quirks.
  11. Jason has tremendous business acumen and business insights into the Web industry.
  12. Jason is a visionary…he has anticipated the changes in our industry and made wise plans to prepare for them.
  13. He is a great husband and dad, and he cares for and loves his family.
  14. He takes our harassment in stride and doesn’t fire us.
  15. He makes even the most ‘unsocial’ employees feel like they belong.
  16. He’s a coffee snob, so there will always be good quality coffee there and ready. No Folgers or Maxwell House in the office kitchen.
  17. Jason brings excellent leadership in guiding the company to success.
  18. Jason will always laugh at your jokes…even if he just gives you his “polite laugh.”
  19. He keeps your mind sharp because it is so challenging to figure out if his complements are sincere or not.
  20. Jason injects positive energy and confidence into the company that we believe in.
  21. Jason has a quirky sense of humor. Before you realize it, he’s got you.
  22. He always has good advice on how to approach a difficult conversation or meeting.
  23. He is my son and I love everything about him and I am so proud of how he has grown into a wonderful God-fearing and wise man.
  24. He cares for his employees with careful consideration, encouragement, and an intent to make sure everyone is happy and working in an environment they enjoy.
  25. It’s always nice that Jason notices everything, like when you move your stapler from one side of the desk to the other.
  26. He always has time for a conversation, unless he’s “stepping out for lunch.”
  27. You can always count on Jason to share his opinion about what you are eating for lunch.
  28. He loves us so much, that he frames our artwork and hangs it on our walls.
  29. He’s flexible and understandable when life gets in the way of work.
  30. He’s a food snob so he brings in good snacks to the office.
  31. He gives everyone a chance to shine in the areas that they are most talented in while also looking out for the best interest of the company.
  32. It would be physically impossible for him to carry on a conversation with his hands behind his back.
  33. Jason has a unique way of expressing his dislikes. He asks for your opinion and if it’s different than his he groans with a slight head tilt and scrunched face.
  34. His favorite game is musical chairs (meaning he rearranges his office and some of our offices every day).
  35. Jason always knows the right questions to ask to make sure that we are seeing things from the business owners perspective.
  36. He’s super easy to scare. Like when you hide inside a box and jump out.
  37. He enjoys a nicely scented candle as much as the next guy.
  38. He has his own set of sayings, and we all know what they mean in Jason-speak. Just don’t use the word “agency.”
  39. Jason empowers his employees to work hard, do their best, and achieve their goals. And he’s going to encourage them along the way.
  40. Most of all, we love Jason because he loves, supports, and employs us!

Read the full post in the BBJ here.

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