The Importance of Collaboration

Because collaboration is a major aspect of our day to day activities, we expect it to be a major part of our partnership with our clients.

One of the most important things at Infomedia is our company culture.  We strive to keep a culture that is not only a fun, quirky, and efficient environment, but also one that is open for collaboration among all departments.  We have made major strides to help foster this joint effort from daily standups, book of the month club, monthly company meetings, and strenuous hiring practices.

This strategy allows us to continue to be happy at Infomedia and also produce better websites and digital strategies for our clients.  Collaboration is also something we need from our clients as we go through the web development process.

We have been developing websites for many years (18 to be exact) and we know web technology.  If it is the latest strategy for mobile websites, understanding proper content development, or providing stellar customer support, we know what we are doing.  What we don’t know is your business, and that’s why partnering closely with you from the very start is an integral part of our process.

Collaborating together, we can build a fantastic website that will not only meet the needs of your business or organization but will also keep your company on the leading edge of web technology.

The process we use is simple; as a matter of fact it’s in 4 basic stages.

The first stage is all about planning.  We work together to finalize your sitemap, content, and digital assets (images, logos,videos, etc.).  We have built over a thousand websites, and we have experience in developing a fantastic user experience for your clients or customers.

The second stage is design.  Our artists take all of the knowledge you have shared with them and come up with a set of mockups to portray your website.  These prototypes are discussed, revised, discussed more and then finalized on a concept that meets a need for visitors to your website.

The third phase is programming and user interface development.  During this phase we build your website inside WordPress.  Our developers take the fantastic design you and our artist put together and start building the website functionality.  During this time, it is vital that we continue to collaborate to make sure we are building and implementing a properly functioning website that will provide the best user experience for your visitors.

The fourth and final phase is about launching your website.  During this time we train you and your team on entering content, and we perform a quality control check.  During this final phase, communication is the key to success.  As we get ready to launch, it is important that the main focus and goals of your site are kept intact.  If we focus on the original goals of the project together, this final phase can move quickly and will enable us to move forward in launching a fantastic new website for your company.

Our hope as a company is that the culture we have created will affect all we do.  Because collaboration is a major aspect of our day to day activities, we expect it to be a major part of our partnership with our clients.


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