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Happy Techs-giving! Giving Thanks for Technology We Can’t Live without

We at Infomedia have so much to be thankful for, so we're sharing a few tools that make our lives easier — maybe they'll help you, too!

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We at Infomedia have so much to be thankful for: clients who challenge and inspire us, coworkers who we love collaborating with, and a work environment that encourages us to do our best work every single day — and that’s not to mention our wonderful families and friends. We are truly blessed, and we’re grateful for that especially during this season of Thanksgiving. But what about those little things that make our lives easier and better every day? We thought we’d take a few minutes to put together a list of the tools and Apps that we’re thankful for each workday — maybe you’ll find something new to make your days go a little more smoothly, giving you more time for gratitude, family, and the things in life that matter most.

Pam: Text Expander


The tech tool that I am most thankful for is Text Expander. I get a lot of email and text expander allows me to expand keyboard shortcuts into frequently used text snippets or paragraphs. By eliminating the need for me to retype the same messages over and over, Text Expander saves me hours of work. I use it everyday and I have a library of pre-written emails at my fingertips. I could not do my job without it.

Andrew: Typekit


I’m super thankful for There are many, many tools for type now days but Typekit remains an incredible resource for fonts. You wouldn’t think it, but the ability to have 1,000s of amazing fonts on the web has totally changed everything about design on the web. More than print design, web design is all about copy, text, words and information. Now that you can choose from so many different options, the level of design has risen tremendously.

Kyle: The WordPress Community

kyleI am thankful for the WordPress community. WordPress is an open-source content management solution that powers millions of websites and allows anyone to easily create and manage the content of their site. Developers in the WordPress community love to share their knowledge and experience with others, and I have learned a lot from them.

Jamie: Evernote

jamieI am thankful for Evernote. My memory is notoriously faulty, and I have always taken extensive notes in order to try to remember everything. The problem is, I end up with pages and pages of notes, and I can never find what I am looking for. Evernote keeps everything organized by tags and notebooks, and it is all searchable. All I have to do is remember a word that I used in the note or the topic, and I can find it instantly. It also integrates with other work tools that we use to keep up with our clients. I can’t live without it!

Katey: Insightly

kateyI’m thankful for Insightly.  Insightly is the most popular App for project management. At Infomedia, we all use Insighly to manage project tasks, set timelines, keep track of emails, log notes and look for client contact information. In my opinion, the best thing Insighly offers is the ability to link and sync with all Google applications such as Google Drive and Gmail. That way, you aren’t spending all your time documenting and redocumenting things.

Carrie: Clear

549105_488499037849254_1412917552_nI’m thankful for Clear — the lists you set up in this App allow you to actually check things off, and then you can bring the whole list (or individual items) back again once you’re finished. I keep a lot of important stuff in Evernote, but I like the feeling of actually checking off tasks as I’ve completed them, so I use Clear for repeatable tasks. Because you can bring the items back once you’ve completed them, I use it for lists that I have to use over and over — for example, I use a Clear checklist for blog posts to make sure I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do, from editing to adding links and pictures to optimizing for SEO to posting and promoting on social media.

Jonathan: Keyboard

wallsI am thankful for my keyboard. Without my keyboard, my work day would begin and end with me staring at my login screen. My emails would be reduced to nothing more than photographs of illegible messages scrawled across scraps of paper, all taken with my phone. Google would become a thing of the past, and I would be left to wonder the mysteries of the universe, never again knowing things like “What’s the hottest new cat video” and “Miley Cyrus — why?” I’m not sure where I would be today without my keyboard … but I’m positive I wouldn’t be typing this.

Leslie: The Google Play store

lesliejI am thankful for the Google Play store. If ever I think, “Gosh, I wish I had an App to do this or that,” I search the store and there’s always something that does what I need. And I also love that you can search for and change the theme — don’t think I didn’t have a Halloween theme and my screen isn’t sporting bright orange pumpkins right now! I’ve also already picked out a super-festive Christmas theme. It brightens my day when I’m staring at a computer all day to remember the holidays.

John: Our People

johnThe tool that I am most thankful for would be each and every employee God has blessed Infomedia with. Our employees are intelligent, creative, hard-working, ambitious, upbeat, confident, easy to get along with, self-starting team players. They ARE our differential advantage and I try to thank God daily for each and every one of them. I am especially thankful for my son Jason who runs Infomedia on a daily basis and makes sure all our employees are challenged and taken care of.


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