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Win Free Taziki’s with Instagram? We’re in!

Taziki's is embracing social media on their new website, loading customers' hashtagged posts into the site.

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We had so much fun creating a new website for Taziki’s. We spent quality time with the Dolmades Plate, had several lunch meetings with the Grilled Chicken Basil-Pesto Gyro, and took coffee breaks with sides of baklava. Oh, and the people on the Taziki’s team were pretty great, too.

I enjoyed copywriting for Taziki’s online menu because they encouraged me to get creative. They aren’t afraid to be silly and fun in the service of their customers — and that shows in their commitment to social media, too. They’re encouraging customers to Instagram about our favorite meals, and they’ve created dedicated hashtags for menu items, too. When you post a picture of your hummus or Greek salad (and more) with a dedicated hashtag, you’ll see your picture feed into the Taziki’s website. Internet fame (well, kind of) AND the delicious Friday Special? We’ll take it!

To kick off the Instagram promotion, Taziki’s is offering a giveaway — every weekday, they’re giving away a $50 gift card to a winner randomly chosen from customers who hashtag their Taziki’s meals. That’s not one gift card overall — that’s one gift card EVERY DAY (through August 8), making the chances of winning pretty high.

I’m excited to see a company embracing social media like this, and I’m eager to see how it works out. It’ll also be fun for all of us at Infomedia to watch the website we created fill up with customer-created content from linked Instagram posts. And, in my opinion, any excuse to eat more Taziki’s is a good one.


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