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Finish Strong: Why Major Companies Choose WordPress

Building a website is a big undertaking that requires big trust, so choosing a company that uses secure CMS like WordPress makes a huge difference in your success. See why WordPress is the choice of companies like Forbes, Best Buy, The New York Times, and Infomedia!

Content is More Than Copy

Don’t wait until your website is launched to decide on your content strategy. Let us help you.

10 Things

Mission Bicycles I love color, I love bikes. Mission Bicycle Company, based out of San Francisco, has a really nice melding of the two; and I’ve admired Mission’s bikes and website for a while now. Great style, great site, great branding, and their bikes are colorful works of art. Bike pictured is the Free City…
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When SEO Attacks!

“If you SEO it, they will come.” But what happens if they come and you haven’t built anything they’d want to use? Are you building your site for robots or for humans?

.Mobi Sites And Why They Are Important

With over 42 million smart phone users surfing the internet, and 98% of those owners surfing the internet from their phones according to dotMobi, .mobi sites are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

Client Profile: Blackjack Horticulture

The Blackjack Horticulture website, designed and managed by Infomedia, is an excellent example of how site design can be a powerful business tool.

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