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5 Reasons to Come to October’s Lunch & Learn

We know it’s not even Halloween, but is your ecommerce website holiday ready? For tips on getting prepared, join us for a free Lunch & Learn October 18, 2016 at Innovation Depot in Birmingham, AL.

5 Reasons to Come to August’s Lunch & Learn

Keyword research is key in successful SEO. We’ll teach you what to look for at our free Lunch & Learn August 16, 2016 at Innovation Depot featuring speaker Jamie Parris.

Siri and the Semantic Web

Over 2 million people pre-ordered the iPhone 5 within 24 hours of it going on sale. There are a lot of reasons why people rushed to buy it, but Siri wasn’t one of them.

Content is More Than Copy

Don’t wait until your website is launched to decide on your content strategy. Let us help you.

VM Technologies Acquired by Birmingham-Based Infomedia

Infomedia announces it has acquired VM Technologies, a local web development and new media company based out of Birmingham, Alabama.

The combination of the two companies will launch a new digital strategy division of the Birmingham-based web development company.

When SEO Attacks!

“If you SEO it, they will come.” But what happens if they come and you haven’t built anything they’d want to use? Are you building your site for robots or for humans?

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