Swoozie’s Has Me Hooked — and It’s Not Just because They’re a Client

It’s hard to create marketing emails that aren’t pushy, but Swoozie’s is right on target with fun, festive messages every time.

A woman holding a "swoozie's" magazine

It’s hard to create marketing emails that aren’t pushy or annoying, and our client Swoozie’s is right on target with fun, festive messages every single time. Just today, I received an email from them advertising their annual pre-Thanksgiving event — 20% off everything online and in-store. I mean … what?! That’s fantastic! Just like their website, the email was colorful and cute and I immediately found 10 things that I want. “Be good, be good,” I told myself. “Christmas is just around the corner. I can’t spend money on myself right now.”

I resisted the email temptation, then got home and checked my mail and lo and behold, there was a printed flier from Swoozie’s not only announcing the sale, but also showcasing the top 21 gifts of the season. I mean, I shouldn’t spend money on myself … but buying gifts for others is a different story, right? The web address is printed right in the center of the flier, so I quickly went online and had presents for my sister and mom within five minutes. While searching their site, I also happened upon their blog — which has the cutest name ever, btw: The Land of Swoo — and spent an hour reading through some recent posts.

A "Swoozie's" magazine

We love it when our clients take our advice and implement it successfully into their business plans, and Swoozie’s is a superstar client in this regard. Their marketing plan is superb. They’ve got all areas of social media covered, and they back that up with print materials, blogging and email marketing. We loved working with Swoozie’s to create their website, and we’re so happy that they’ve capitalized on that success by working a great plan to bring customers into their stores and onto their site.

A computer screen of the admin page of WordPress for "Swoozie's" website

Swoozie’s is successful because their marketing strategies are cohesive. They teased me with an email, followed up with a mailer, and kept me interested through their blog, and so I sealed the deal with a purchase. Swoozie’s knows what they’re doing — they’ve identified their target audience (it’s me, apparently), and they use all available outlets to drive business. That’s a strategy that any of our clients can use, and I and the rest of the team at Infomedia love to help people develop and implement those ideas and bring them to life in the real world. After all, like Swoozie’s says: Just because you leave the store doesn’t mean you have to leave the party.


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